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Long gone are the days of basic chairs for your wedding or event. With a variety of stylish seats now available for rent, your wedding chairs or event lounge seating can be a key part of your decor. At Southern Events, our enormous event rental inventory includes plenty of options for unique chairs for events and weddings, including these current favorites.

Looking for just the right unique chairs and other furniture pieces to rent for your Nashville or Franklin TN event? Reach out to info@southerneventsonline.com to start working with a design expert!


Eiffel Armchair

Our fabulous White Eiffel Armchairs are a sleek modern seating option perfect for every event from a corporate meeting to an intimate family party. With soft white lines, natural wood and a nod to the architectural elegance of mid-century modern design, this chair is a great seating option for upscale events, corporate summits or modern weddings.

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Saylor Velvet Chair

When a luxury is the goal, the Saylor Navy Velvet Chair is the obvious solution. This sumptuous blue chair makes a gorgeous addition to unique lounge furniture or stage seating for events. This statement piece is easy to mix and match for a variety of event looks. Add the matching Saylor Navy Velvet Sofa and accent table for a complete lounge set that your guests won’t be able to resist.

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Harlin Dining Chair

Our most popular dining chair for events, the Harlin Dining Chair is an elegant natural wood chair that instantly elevates a table. A gentle twist on the traditional wooden chair, our Harlin Dining Chairs feature a sculptural “art-deco” inspired back that can flexibly fit into many decor schemes. This gorgeous chair is a great option for both indoor and outdoor event seating.

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Acrylic Chairs

Looking for some truly unique chairs for events? Look no further than our ultra-modern Acrylic Chair Collection. We love using these unique event chairs to add an unexpected design element. From our striking Acrylic Fantasma Side Chair (above) to the popular Acrylic Ghost Arm Chair (pictured below with arms, armless version is also available), these stylish event chairs stand out from the crowd.

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Adeline Dining Chair

Our beloved Adeline Dining Chairs are stylish, comfortable event chairs that look gorgeous at garden weddings and vintage inspired events. The natural wood details and soft, neutral colors make this a perfect seating option for upscale events. Pair this beauty with lush flowers and soft linens for a sophisticated garden party or add luxurious gold or brushed copper flatware for a black tie event.

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Vintage Chairs

Sometimes finding the right unique chairs for events means scouring antiques for inspiration. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our Vintage Chairs Collection! These stunning, completely unique furniture rentals are so much fun to mix and match. Below, you can see several of our colorful vintage chairs mixed with our Adeline Dining Chairs and our classic Crossback Chairs. You can use these unique vintage chairs for events as dining seating, lounge chairs or as creative elements of your decor.

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Folding Chairs

Gothic Rustic Wedding Rentals, Southern Events Nashville TN

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Our Folding Chairs are one of our most popular options for wedding receptions, corporate events and fundraisers. Made with quality wood or white resin, these folding chairs make a great chair for formal and casual events. Available in Black Wood, Fruitwood or White Resin, these folding chairs are a stylish budget option.


Chocolate Pouf

No post about unique chairs for events would be complete without a mention of one of our favorite inventory items: these comfortable Chocolate Poufs! These unique event chairs make great lounge seating or side tables and are extremely versatile.


Looking to surprise and delight with the seating at your next Nashville or Franklin TN event? Reach out to info@southerneventsonline.com to start working with a design expert!

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