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Are you dreaming of a table setting that captures the elegance of the English Regency era? Look no further! Southern Events is excited to announce our new inventory of Bridgerton-inspired event napkins. With pastel color schemes and luxurious textiles, these napkin rentals are perfect for creating a tablescape that would make the ton swoon. Read on to discover our new napkin styles and servingware pairings.

Costa Nova Cotton

First on our list is the Costa Nova Cotton napkin. Made from high-quality cotton, these napkins exude an air of sophistication and elegance. The soft pastel colors and smooth texture are reminiscent of the refined aesthetics of the Regency period. Pair the Sky Blue Napkins with our Emmie Floral China for a whimsical garden party. Alternatively, contrast the bold print of our Cabo Blue China with a subtle shade like Dusty Rose.

Harp & Olive

Lucia Frayed

For those who prefer a hint of whimsy in their table decor, the Lucia Frayed napkins are a perfect choice. The delicate fraying brings a relaxed yet stylish vibe to your event. While providing a subtle contrast to the more polished elements of your tablescape. For example, pair the Athena China with a sleek gold rim with a soft Sage Green. Or, create a timeless look with Off-White napkins atop a refined print like the Coronado China.

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Posy Scalloped Lace

If you’re aiming for a truly romantic ambiance, the Posy Scalloped Lace napkins are a must-have. These napkins boast a beautifully scalloped edge adorned with intricate embroidered lace details. The combination of the soft pastel shades and the delicate lace creates a dreamy, ethereal look. The soft edges of our Darcy China look especially romantic when paired with Blush. However, we love the vintage elegance of our mismatched Heirloom China and bright Sky Blue napkins.

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Vallie Stitched

For those who appreciate bold design elements, the Vallie Stitched napkins offer a striking option. These solid-colored napkins feature bold embroidered details that add a touch of drama and flair to your tablescape. Complement the intricate edging of the gold Ophelia China with Vallie featuring gold embroidery. Alternatively, grab Vallie in white with silver to pair with solid white china stacked on the Silver Rimmed Glass Charger.

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Create Your Dream Regency Tablescape

Every event deserves a touch of elegance and charm! Visit our website today to explore our full range of Bridgerton-inspired event napkins and create a tablescape that transports your guests to a world of whimsy. Or, book an appointment at our showroom and work alongside one of our experts for design guidance.

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