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Nashville is nicknamed Music City for a reason – the city is filled with amazing creative voices and so much musical talent! And here at Southern Events, our vast catalog of party rentals helps enhance your chosen design, and for songwriter in the round events, our rentals can help create the relax vibe these private events demand. With dozens of distinct event rentals to choose from, there are so many ways to style a singer-songwriter event in Music City!

Looking to dazzle at your next singer-songwriter event? Southern has all you need for your next Franklin, Nashville or Middle Tennessee event. Reach out to info@southerneventsonline.com to reserve any of the items you see! 

Bennett Couch

The dark leather and tufted details of our popular Bennett Couch is a great event rental for your Nashville songwriter in the round event. The stylish tufting and dark leather finish creates a comfortable seat for guests to relax and take in the music.

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Vintage Rugs

Our Vintage and Cowhide Rugs create a distinct stage or performance area, making it the perfect rental for an intimate singer-songwriter event in the round. As seating surrounds the “stage” area, our Vintage Rugs create a focal point and boho vibe customary of these events.

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Urban Metal Barstool

Musicians need somewhere to sit, and our Urban Metal Barstool is the perfect solution. Looking unique and industrial, it exudes the perfect city vibe for Music City’s best singers and songwriters to showcase their music.

Chocolate Poof

A comfortable addition to a musician’s design is our Chocolate Poof.  They match our Leather Bennett Couch, working as an unexpected accent piece while still being functional as another spot to sit or a great place to rest your feet.

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Granger Nesting Tables and Rivet Accent Tables

Great additions to the rustic-artist design are our new Granger Nesting Tables and Rivet Accent Tables. Metal legs and an urban look coupled with a solid wooden top make these rentals architecturally unique while still being functional.


If you’re interested in creating a more traditional stage setting, Southern’s Staging rentals are perfect. You can design your venue to elevate the musicians on a true stage and create stadium seating to allow listeners to comfortably view the artists at work.

Votive Candles and Lanterns

Nothing sets the mood like lighting! If your Nashville artists are performing an intimate, unplugged set then be sure to create an ambiance that matches. Votive Candles and Lanterns on various side tables, or even on the floor surrounding the stage area are the perfect answer to setting the mood at your Music City event.

Urban Wood Side Table

Musicians will need somewhere to place their water, and guests will want somewhere to set their drinks. The popular Urban Wood Side Table brings dark, rustic wood front and center making it a great addition to your Music City singer-songwriter showcase.

Auditorium Seats

Our Vintage Auditorium Seats create a nostalgic music experience for listeners while retaining that unique Nashville vibe.

Farm Bistro & Crossback Stools

Give listeners somewhere to sit and enjoy their drinks while taking in the music – our Farm Bistro tables are great high-top tables (perfect for creating stadium seating behind lower couches and sofas), while our Crossback Stools add a rustic Nashville touch to a musical experience.

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