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Graduation party season is upon us! It’s sentimental, nostalgic, and cheerful… all at once. As you get ready to plan a graduation party for your senior, there’s a lot to consider. Will it be outside? How many people will you invite? What should you serve? Where will the guests sit? Southern Events has plenty of in-stock graduation party rentals to allow you to create a memorable and fun event for your grad.

Set the Scene

First, let’s set the scene. If your graduation party is going to be outside, consider one of our Tent Pop-Up Packages. You can coordinate the linens that come with your package to match school colors for added festiveness! The Sutton Collection or Barnwood Furniture and our Hammered Rectangle Fire Pit will be the perfect additions for added warmth and comfort. AstroTurf is great for graduation parties, and you could use our Boxwood Wall to create spaces or use as a backdrop!


Food and Such

At your graduation party, chances are – you’ll have some sort of food and drink (those seniors sure get cranky when they aren’t fed!), so you’ll want to think about how you’ll serve the food. Our Brushed Copper Flatware looks amazing with the Hob Nob Glassware. Both are fun and trendy and bring both modern and class to an event. Melamine Platters are perfect for your outdoor celebrations. Oh! And let’s definitely not forget the cake (that would result in extra cranky seniors), and we love serving cake on our Windsor Gold Cake Stands.


Graduation parties should create and instill memories and be a moment of celebration for all you and your grad have done over the past 18 years. Pat both of yourselves on the back. You did it!

Planning a graduation party and need help with rentals? We’d love to help! Email our team to book your personal showroom tour at info@southerneventsonline.com to get started!

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