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Functional and stylish rentals, Southern Events offers a range of area rugs for events & weddings. Although simple, a beautiful decorative rug will lend to an all-around cohesive event space. Whether they are used to line an aisleway or placed beneath the featured furniture. You go to major lengths to decorate and furnish the space in a way that aligns with your event, and the floor is the foundation! Take a look at our in-stock area rugs and how you can feature one or several at your upcoming Nashville event.

Tie it All Together

Area rugs are more than just decoration. Take for example the use of layered rugs as an aisle runner. Our Brown & White Cowhide Rug and Dark Brown Cowhide Rug are perfect for a trendy urban desert wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, our vintage-inspired rugs look stunning for a cozy, boho-themed affair. Feel free to layer them up or use one standalone alongside a ceremony backdrop.

area rug aisle boho wedding area rug aisle urban desert weddingboho wedding ceremony rug

Photo by Renrose Photography

Frame a Space

Rugs assist in creating a frame in which to place the furniture. A trick that is especially useful for social areas, like a cocktail lounge. Consider using a rug to lead guests from the bar to a lounge area. It will help prevent your guests from huddling around the bar and encourage them to sit down, get comfortable, and stay for a while. See how our clients have used a range of area rugs for events & weddings, including our Navy and Aqua Rugs.

area rug and modular lounge furniturearea rug and blue velvet furniturelight blue rug beneath modular lounge

Photo by Megan Stark

A Cohesive Design

Similar to cocktail lounges, rugs can be placed beneath standalone furniture to help create a more cohesive aesthetic. Without one, it can feel as though your furniture may float away! A rug can also help tie different areas together that would otherwise look out of place. Featured below, our vintage Blue-Red Rugs were used to accent a whiskey-barrel bar and create a charming buffet area. And to create a stylish outdoor cocktail area, it was placed beneath our Loren Gold Bistro Table.

rug beneath whiskey barrel bar

Photo by Erin Lee Allender

red and blue rug beneath cocktail hour bistro table

Photo by Jenna Henderson

Want something that provides more stability than a rug? Our Dura-Trac Flooring is a great option! It is made of high-quality materials and can be customized to fit any size you may need. Plus it is a safe, slip-resistant surface that can be used over a variety of terrains. Plus, you can still place one or more of our trendy area rugs on top to create a cozy atmosphere.

If you have an upcoming event and are looking to create a unique space with area rugs we’d love to chat with you! Send us a message at info@southerneventsonline.com for help or additional event inspiration!

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