How to Choose the Right Tables and Chairs for Your Event

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Organizing an event requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. One crucial aspect that can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and comfort of your gathering is the choice of tables and chairs for your event. At Southern Events Online, we understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that aligns with your style or theme. Whether you’re aiming for a modern rustic feel, contemporary elegance, classic sophistication, or a touch of whimsy, our in-stock tables and chairs are designed to complement and enhance the ambiance of any occasion.

Wood Event Furniture

Modern rustic has been the go-to for an elegant yet down-to-earth look. A feat that is easy to achieve with our Fruitwood Farm Tables and Cross-back Chairs. If you’re dreaming of a more sophisticated vibe, our modern Farm tables are available in two shades: Aged Oak and Antique White. Both of these pair beautifully with the Adeline and Harlin dining chairs featuring sturdy backs. For a playful touch of color, consider our Antique White Bentwood or Black Willow Chairs. While we discourage covering up a stunning wood tabletop, a soft runner like the Sahara Table Runners in rich shades of Rust or Indigo can add an extra layer of charm.

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Contemporary Acrylic Rentals

Acrylic is having its moment, and Southern Events Online is on board! Our Acrylic Ghost Arm and Armless Chairs are the go-to for a minimalist look that can be contrasted with rich linens or complemented with a neutral scheme. Available as barstools with Round and Square Backs, they are perfect for a quaint cocktail hour. The Acrylic Carrigan Side Chair offers a more ethereal design, fitting for a whimsical garden party, while the eccentrically named Acrylic Fantasma Side Chair is an eye-catching piece that can elevate any event.

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Chiavari Chairs for Rent

Remaining a fan favorite, Chiavari Chairs are the epitome of classic elegance. Simple in design, they exude luxury and are available in four beautiful shades. Gold is a popular choice for grand affairs, like corporate celebrations hosted in a ballroom. While Black is more popular for urban events, such as weddings at The Clementine or The Ruby in Nashville. White will lend a more airy look, however, don’t underestimate dark Fruitwood. It is an understated color that will elevate any casual outdoor gathering.

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Specialty Tables & Chairs

These rentals fall into a category of their own! The Palmer Bistro Tables and Chairs, made of light wood with intricate details, bring a coastal but luxe vibe. For outright glam, the Charleston Bistro Table with a Marble Top pairs perfectly with Gold Chiavari Barstools. The Loren Gold Bistro Tables are a comfortable choice for larger parties and exude sophistication, especially when paired with Acrylic Ghost Barstools. Or, consider our Mid Century Barstools for a stylish nod to times past when featuring cocktail tables with linens.

Tables and Chairs for Your Event
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Tables and Chairs for Your Event

Children’s Party Furniture

Hosting a children’s party? Size-appropriate furniture goes a long way to ensure comfort and inclusivity. Our Fruitwood Farm Tables and Cross-Back Chairs are also available in a size to accommodate children, ensuring a cohesive event. Along with classic White Resin Folding Chairs. For children, our Chiavari Chairs come in Pastel Pink and Clear Acrylic, adding fun colors to any celebration. Or take your event to the next level with Gold Bow Children’s Chairs. These will offer a chic look whether you’re hosting a lavish garden party or a space adventure.

Tables and Chairs for Your Event
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Rent Tables and Chairs for Your Event!

Choosing the right tables and chairs is a crucial step in creating the perfect ambiance for your event! Southern Events Rentals offers a diverse range of in-stock options to suit various styles and themes, ensuring that your gathering is not only comfortable but also visually stunning. Visit our website to explore the full catalog and turn your event vision into a reality! Or reach out to our team for planning assistance.

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