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Americana decor and style is made up of industrial lines, vintage pieces, and other nods to star-spangled pride. The theme is nostalgic, classic, and versatile. It’s typically a combination of laid-back pieces, farmhouse vibes, history, and patriotism, and is a great feel for a corporate meeting or party on or near July 4th, or a casual summer party. This style is iconic and effortless and is sure to facilitate many memories, conversations, and good times.

From furniture to vintage accent pieces, Southern Events has a multitude of in-stock event rentals for your Americana-style event. When it comes to furniture, our Bennett Sofa and Urban Furniture can help set the scene–creating a laid-back, rustic feel. Our Blue and Red Rug brings warmth and a bit of modern style to the Americana theme. We adore how this rug has patriotic vibes while remaining trendy and stylish. You could also bring in a Cow Hide Rug for layering or to help create cozy spaces.  Is an Americana event complete without a bar for toasting and celebrating? Absolutely not! The Caldwell Bar is equal parts laid-back and vintage. Hob Nob Glassware or Recycled Glassware comes in for great vintage and classic touches, and paired with the Artisan China, creates a relaxed look. You can finish off the look with a few items from our Vintage Props. It just takes the right combination of classic American colors, vintage pieces, and contemporary lines to create an Americana-inspired event that is welcoming and beautiful.

If you’re wanting to create a star-spangled vibe at your next event, we’d love to help you! Email our team to book your personal showroom tour at info@southerneventsonline.com to get started!

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