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Company Retreats and Corporate Summits are an important and exciting part of any company’s culture. Whether you’re having a creative brainstorming summit with a small team, or a large conference with hundreds of attendees, Southern has great rentals and a huge quantity of everything you need!


Whoever is speaking at your company’s next event, you’ll want them to have a stage to share from. And if you’re looking at a creative location, sometimes it’s not obvious where exactly to have someone deliver their presentation. We provide staging for all kinds of venues, whether indoor or outdoor, to make it easy for all attendees to be able to hear and see.

Pipe and Draping

Add elegance and grandeur to your event with pipe and draping – a bonus when you add it in your company colors! We love how pipe and draping instantly elevates the design of any event, and when you’ve planned a large conference in a neutral space, it easily adds personality and reflects your company culture.

Lounge Furniture Packages

Lounges are the perfect way to break up an oversized space or provide your colleagues with a comfier place to mix and mingle. Create a professional looking lounge area with one of our many Lounge Packages – all of which can be added on seamlessly to any event’s design.

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Red Carpets

Rolling out the Red Carpet is a fun way to express gratitude to your team to show them how much you appreciate their work. We love how much fun guests have when they walk down – such a fun added touch!

Folding Screens and Stanchions

Folding Screens and Stanchions are another great way to break up a massive room design and control foot traffic. Think about different stations being set up (check in station, information station, etc) and how you’ll want to create good foot traffic flow and obvious signage. Prevent long lines from overwhelming with stanchions placed strategically, and have folding screens act as the backdrop to various stations creating a “room within a room” look without setting up a wall.

Unique Stage Seating

Looking for a way bring beautiful design to your company event? We love how our Bennett Sofa, Eiffel Chairs, Adeline Chairs, or other Vintage Chairs look on stage, or placed throughout key points.

Whatever corporate event your company is throwing next, Southern can help! Send us a shout at info@southerneventsonline.com and we’ll show you all the ways we can upgrade your next Nashville, Franklin, or Middle TN event.

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