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The sun is out and the flowers are in bloom – there’s truly no better way to celebrate the beautiful weather in Nashville, TN than to host a gorgeous garden wedding! To help make your event picture-perfect, we’ve pulled together some of our most loved garden wedding rentals for a floral fête. With party and event rentals this beautiful, it’s easy to capture the best of the southern summer season here in Middle Tennessee.

Interactive Boxwood Walls

Sculpt your own private garden with our lush Boxwood Walls! These eight-foot topiary walls can be used to create an intimate event space in any venue – think of it outdoors, enhancing your gorgeous garden, or as an interactive backdrop. It makes for a stunning seating chart, as well as an elegant champagne wall. You can trust that guests will flock to this trendy photo op time & time again!

wedding grass wall seating chart

Photo by Nyk & Cali

boxwood champagne wall at Tennessee outdoor event

Photo by Megan Stark

Stylish Seating

Easily elevate any tablescape with stylish and comfortable seating. Favorites from our inventory, including our charming Harlin, Antique Bentwood, and Adeline Dining Chairs. They are a simply stunning way to add natural wood to your wedding reception, thanks to elegant details. If you prefer a more whimsical and contemporary garden vibe, opt for one of our Acrylic chairs, such as our Carrigan or Fantasma side chairs.

Photo by Jenna Henderson

antique bentwood chairs

Photo by Mandy Liz Photography

Photo by Gray Kammera

Delicate Serving Ware

Every Southerner knows that a classic never goes out of style, and the same can be said for a variety of our serving ware. Take for example our scalloped Darcy China. Bone white with a gracefully curved edge, these beautiful dinner plates provide the perfect canvas for fresh spring or summer fare and are one of our favorite garden wedding rentals! Be sure to also take a look at our Heirloom China and Stoneware.

dove grey stone ware

Ceremony Set-Ups

We love adding unexpected elements to an outdoor garden party, using interior pieces to stage lush floral arrangements and cozy seating areas. Create unique ceremony backdrops, seating areas and Instagram-worthy nooks with our Fiona Ivory Mantle. This classic piece looks so beautiful covered in fresh blossoms and pictures of the bride and groom!

Garden-Inspired Table Linens

Nothing freshens up an outdoor table setting like a pop of color and texture from high-quality table linens. Your linens can provide the perfect backdrop for your table settings and arrangements. For garden weddings, we love our richly textured Moss Green Crush and Velvet Linens, as well as our warm and rustic Havana Cafe neutral napkins and feminine Chiffon Runners.

moss velvet linenspink velvet linensHavana Cafe woven linens

Peak Tent

Rain or shine, your big day is going to be beautiful. That’s why we encourage you to take away the stress and enjoy the shade (or shelter) from underneath one of our elegant tents. Featuring heavy-duty aluminum frames and block-out vinyl tops, you and your guests will stay cool in the shade beneath our Peak Frame and Hexagon Tents! Decorate them with billowing drapery and fresh flowers for a wonderful and whimsical outdoor event.

hexagon tent rental

Natural Wood Dance Floor

Dancing in the grass sounds like a wonderful time- until you remember that you and your friends will be wearing heels! Prevent any fashion faux-pas and keep the party going with our New England Wood Dance Floor. The natural wood finish makes a lovely addition to the party, adding function without interrupting the aesthetic.

Photo @smithstudiosphotography

Ready to plan your dreamy garden wedding? To discover how to create your own elegant garden event in Nashville and Franklin, TN, email us at info@southerneventsonline.com.

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