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Event Bar for rent

If you’re having alcohol at your upcoming wedding or other events, a well-stocked bar starts with the bar and accessories. From customizable bars to on-trend glassware and elegant backdrops, Southern Events stocks it all. Keep reading to learn about our event bar and bar accessories for rent, for every type of event.

Stylish Bars for Rent

A well-outfitted bar is the sign of a well-planned event. Part of your event planning list, if you’re including alcohol, will include “Get items for the bar”. So let’s get that item checked off. First things first – what’s your theme or style? Going for a rustic or bohemian theme? Check out our beautiful Bond Bar. Or an upscale, Southern look? Try our Antique White or Black Wood Bar. How about an elegant, sophisticated look? The Harpeth Bar is always popular! If you are hosting an intimate event, we also carry a Gold Bar Cart, perfect for providing table service.

Harpeth Bar
black antique bar
custom Harpeth baar

On-Trend Glassware

With an impressive bar area, you’ll need glassware to match! This is why Southern is excited to stock a diverse range of on-trend glassware, suitable for a variety of different themes and event styles. As well as the different types of drinks you plan to serve, whether it be wine or signature cocktails. Our Champagne Glassware is essential for a celebratory event, but we also carry some statement pieces. Including our retro Davis Glassware and contemporary Cybil Glassware. Be sure to consider all your options, by visiting our catalog!

glassware for rent
wine glasses
champagne glasses

Bar Backdrops

If you want to spruce up your bar and lend a more sophisticated look, consider featuring a backdrop. We offer several styles, that range from purely aesthetic to functional. Often appreciated by the bar staff themselves, our Avenue Barback Shelf is useful for storing bottles as well as glassware. Meanwhile, our Boxwood Walls make for beautiful decor, especially when paired with custom signage.

gold bar shelf
Photo by Twilas Photography
Photo by Garrett Richardson

Want to feature some of our bar accessories for rent at your upcoming Nashville event? Contact our team at info@southerneventsonline.com & let’s start planning! Or for more event inspiration, check out our natural-neutral or earth-toned party rentals.

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