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Cocktail hour on your wedding day. It’s a fancy happy hour – with all of your closest family and friends. Along with planning your favorite signature drinks for your guests (and yummy hors d’oeuvres), you’ll also want to create a comfortable space that’s perfect for conversation and mingling. Cocktail hour is for moving around as your guests meet new people and connect with each other. With that in mind, barstools and cocktail tables are ideal for these types of settings.

Southern Events has several unique cocktail tables and bar stools to fit your wedding reception theme or vibe. Going for a modern theme? We love the Loren Gold Bistro Table and Acrylic Barstools. Do you love farmhouse-inspired style? The Farm Bistro Tables and Crossback Barstools look gorgeous together. If you’re into the clean lines of mid-century modern, our Mid-Century Bistro Table & Barstools will fit perfectly into your theme.  How about an industrial look? Our Jackson and Remington Bistro Tables definitely fit the bill. We love how these items can be mixed and matched to create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere.

If you’re ready to get started planning your upcoming cocktail hour, we’d love to help! Send us a message at info@southerneventsonline.com.

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