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When it comes to creating an impressive tablescape, you can’t forget the centerpiece. It will be the focal point of the table and should tie all of the surrounding elements together. Get inspired by some of our favorite non floral table centerpieces, available for rent!

Acrylic Boxes

An elegant centerpiece, our Acrylic Rectangular Container is a simple yet versatile piece. As shown below, it can be used to feature candles and create a unique lighting element. It can be used to hold food, such as fresh rolls of bread for dinnertime. The possibilities are limitless and we would be glad to help you create a special centerpiece for your event!


Simple yet beautiful centerpiece, lanterns double as both centerpieces and lighting. They are a beautiful alternative to votives, or can be used to lend some height to the table. Check out how our Casablanca Gold Lantern, and White or Silver Square Tabletop Lantern were previously featured at events.

Photo by Cee Cee Photography

Photo by Jen and Chris Creed Photography

Gold Cube & Sphere

For a more modern and luxe event, our Gold Metal Intersect Cube and Gold Metal Sphere are perfect. These statement pieces are the ultimate centerpiece and highly versatile. You can twine them with florals or greenery, place a candle in the center, or let them standalone.

Photo by Khaki Bedford Photography

Photo by Jenna Henderson Photography

Cake Stands & Plateaus

A less common but unique centerpiece is food, featured on a cake stand or plateau. The perfect centerpiece for dinner receptions, it is beautiful yet interactive. You can display cheese, fruit or event dessert – like tasty donuts or cupcakes! We have a variety of cake stands to suit any wedding theme or style, including the Wyatt Pedestal Cake Stand and Glass Cake Stand.

Photo by Theo Milo Photo

Loving these non floral table centerpiece ideas? Contact our team to book or visit our blog for more design inspiration! 

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