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Furniture with sleek features, straight lines, and smooth and shiny surfaces – hello modern event lounges! Modern furniture design often focuses on simple geometric shapes rather than heavy or excessive ornamentation. The following event lounge packages are free of busy lines and color schemes, which lend a simple, elegant and refined look.

Chic & Sleek

White, blue velvet and gold are a gorgeous trio in this chic and sleek modern lounge package. It features our stunning Saylor Navy Velvet Sofa, with its rich color and geometric tufts. The slender legs of the Rory Navy Velvet Chair complement the Rhodes Coffee and Side Tables. The stark white tops are a beautiful contrast next to the surrounding sea of navy.

Classic Black & White

If you are looking to make a statement, this black and white event lounge is a bold choice. The sleek Black & White Stripe Cabana Benches, striking and sharp, pulls from the Regent Black Velvet Sofa. This pattern adds a unique punch of character to the otherwise plain lounge area. Meanwhile, the Rhodes Coffee Table and Rhodes Side Table add a subtle but luxe gold accent into the mix.


Modern Glam

Featuring black and white, this modern glam lounge is sleek and a little flashy. Blocky furniture, like the Santorini Off-White Sofa and Santorini Off-White Loveseat, appears visually sharp yet is cozy – promise.  It pairs perfectly with our white Siros Coffee Table. The cylindrical shape of the Echo Silver Mirror Side Table provides a bit of relief from the geometric dominated space, while a Black-Silver Rug ties it all together. (Learn why rugs are essential for creating a functional space!)


Primarily functional, this simplistic modern event lounge setup features neutral tones with a touch of gold. The Regent Black Velvet Sofa is clean but inviting, with its plush velvet cushions. One of the most popular modern furniture designs, the White Eiffel Arm Chair will tempt all of your guests, with its unique shape. Each piece is subtly connected, via solid colors and geometric angles, such as the legs of the Rhodes Coffee Table.


With a mix of unique shapes and textures, this social area will be a big draw. It consists of the Mercer White Leather Couch, Mercer White Leather Ottomans, Acrylic Ghost Arm Chairs and a Nickel Grey Bench. This package is the definition of contemporary, with simple geometric shapes and smooth surfaces. We are especially fond of acrylic elements, such as the armchairs and bench legs, which are sleek and stylish.


Loving these sleek and modern event lounge designs? See more options event lounge packages or contact our team today to book one for your wedding or event!

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FEATURED RENTALS | Regent Black Velvet Sofa, Black & White Stripe Cabana Bench, Rhodes Coffee Table, Rhodes Side Table, Saylor Navy Velvet Sofa, Rory Navy Velvet Chair, Rhodes Coffee Table, Rhodes Side Table, Navy Rug, Santorini Off-White Sofa, Santorini Off-White Loveseat, Siros Coffee Table, Echo Silver Mirror Side Table, Black-Silver Rug, Regent Black Velvet Sofa, White Eiffel Arm Chair, Rhodes Coffee Table, Mercer White Leather Couch, Mercer White Leather Ottoman, Nickel Grey Bench, Acrylic Ghost Arm Chair


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