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unicorn birthday party

A child’s first birthday party is just as much a celebration for the adult as it is the child.  It’s a fabulous time for a parent to pat themselves on the back for making it a year with their sweet little one. Southern Events Party Rental Company has adorable child-sized party rentals to help you achieve a memorable & stylish first birthday party. From children’s tables and chairs, cake stands, and fun props – there are plenty of ways to design an event that will have kids delighted and adults impressed. Keep reading to learn about our on-trend 1st birthday party rentals, from furniture to serving ware!

Miniature Dining

It’s simply a fact that child-sized versions of adult furniture are one hundred times cuter! Our Fruitwood Children’s Farm Table and Chiavari Children’s Chairs are the most charming options for seating. We also offer children’s chairs available in a matching Cross-back, Pink and classic White styles. Add coordinating linens, and it’s downright cute. Adults can mingle grown-up style with our Mid Century White Bistro Table and a set of bar stools.

camping birthday party
Photo by Jenna Henderson
pink flamingo kids birthday
childrens pink flamingo birthday party
unicorn first birthday
Photo by Abigail Lewis 
unicorn birthday party
Photo by Abigail Lewis 

Photo-Worthy Props & Backdrops

To help set the scene, we carry a wide variety of fun and on-trend kid’s birthday party props. Ideal for featuring food or drink displays, or event to create a memorable welcome into your event space. Our Market Cart is a classic white, ideal for serving up colorful candy favors or other sweets! Or, showcase our Ticket Booth and a red carpet for a star-worthy welcome.

And, if you’re planning to snap some photos, don’t forget a backdrop! Our Boxwood Walls are perfect for creating a trendy photo opportunity, whether you want to feature a stylish sign, balloons, or other on-theme decor. We recommend placing it behind the primary children’s dining area.

market cart
birthday backdrop boxwood wall with balloons

Little Bites (and a cake!)

We’d be remiss not to include a couple of cake stand options – this is a kid’s birthday party after all! We adore these whimsical cake stands for a charming event: Ellie Gold, Willow Pedestal, or Wyatt Cake Stands. Meanwhile, grown-ups can enjoy their cake on our Kate Gold Polka Dot Dessert Plates!

Plus, keep food warm while all of the fun birthday party activities take place by using our Chafing Dishes. Your fresh lemonade and water will stay nice and cold in our Beverage Tubs or a set of Gold Beverage Jars.

birthday party cake stand
Photo by Abigail Lewis 
wyatt pedestal cake stand
bundt birthday cake
Photo by Kristin Vanzant Photography

Ready to book some of our 1st birthday party rentals? Reach out to our team at info@southerneventsonline.com and a member of our team will help you select the perfect pieces for your event. Or, for more kid’s birthday party ideas, check out our previous blog.

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FEATURED RENTALS | Fruitwood Children's Farm table, Chiavari Childrens Chairs, Mid Century White Bistro Table, Bar Stools, Ellie Gold Cake Stand, Willow Pedestal Cake Stand, Wyatt Pedestal Cake Stand, Kate Gold Polka Dot Dessert Plates, Chafing Dishes, Beverage Tubs, Gold Beverage Jars.


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