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Garden weddings are popular themes. As we sit and dream with couples, we hear their love for the whimsical, charming, and romantic (pretty much the definition of how a bride wants to feel on her wedding day) feel of this theme. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of seeing garden weddings come together in a myriad of ways, and we have fallen in love all over again with the look and feel of this theme.

A growing trend for 2020 is a modern take on this classic trend: modern garden weddings. By drawing from modern inspirations, these classically gorgeous weddings are transformed into sleek, sophisticated celebrations that are incredibly chic.

Sleek and chic

This modern take on garden weddings can be achieved by bringing in sleek metals, acrylic furniture, and geometric shapes that contrast dramatically with the freeform nature of, well, nature.

Photos from Jenna Henderson Photography 

A little velvet never hurt

Masculine elements, such as monochromatic color schemes and bold colors create contrast perfectly against soft florals and greenery, achieving a modern take on the romantic garden wedding. All white or all black furniture against a dreamy, floral aesthetic is both masculine and modern. A little velvet never hurts, either.


Interactive drama

We adore taking lovely decor pieces and transforming them by creating interactive designs that deliver jaw drops from the guests and serve a purpose. In this case, our Boxwood Wall shows up to look gorgeous, serve champagne, and show up as a backdrop for photo-op perfection.

Photo from Honeysuckle and Wine Photography

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