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Boutique festivals, craft fairs, food shows, wine walks… beautiful weather calls for beautiful outdoor events. When creating spaces for these fun and creative events, keep in mind social distancing while aiming to provide a warm atmosphere. Easily create a safe and inviting boutique festival event set up in Nashville with our stylish tent and furniture rentals from Southern Events.

Festival Tenting

Rain or shine, when it comes to an outdoor event you’ll need to create a temporary space for attendees to gather and artisans to show their wares. We have multiple rentals to that effect, such as our comprehensive Pop Up Packages, which include chairs, tables, and linens, for a professional and cohesive event.

boutique festival event rentals, pop up tent package


At your boutique festival or artisan event, do you plan to feature local entertainment? If so, a Dance Floor to allow a designated space for guests is a great idea! We have plenty of options to choose from, including classic black and plank wood. These areas are perfect for musicians, dancers, as well as demonstrations.

wood dance flooring rental

Whiskey Barrels

Give attendees a stylish spot with a Tennessee spin! Easily spread out over your festival grounds, our Whiskey Barrel with Umbrella is perfect for food and beverage areas of your event as well as causal viewing areas for people to enjoy entertainment. Plus, the umbrella protects people from a little rain or beating sun.

boutique festival event rentals, whiskey barrel with umbrella

Crowd Control

Crowd control is essential for a variety of reasons but may depend on the size of your event. For example, at larger events crowd control barriers will ensure a smooth and controlled flow of traffic. And that guests adhere to safety guidelines. Portable Fencing can also help in creating a border for your event, to keep guests in or out. Lastly, use it to form temporary lines to clearly indicate areas to stand or park.

boutique festival event rentals - portable fencing rental

Gathering Areas

Comfortable gathering spaces ensure that guests are able to chat, enjoy the delicious food available, and rest from all of the amazing shopping and activities available at your event. Southern Events has rentals to help you create the exact vibe you are wanting for your event. Consider our Sutton Collection for comfortable outdoor lounging, as well as the Barnwood Furniture from our Farm Collection.

boutique festival event rentals - outdoor lounge furniture

boutique festival event rentals, rustic wood bench rental

Decorative Rugs

For added coziness and warmth at your craft fair or artisan festival, we recommend featuring rugs in your gathering spaces. As well as to fill in the empty floor space created when designing a lounge that allows for social distancing. Whether it be for large lounge areas or standalone bistro tables, Southern Events has a plethora of rugs to choose from. Looking for a boho vibe? Our Blue-Red Rug will fit right in! For a modern, more masculine feel, check out our Cowhide Rug.

boutique festival event rentals - red-blue rug rental and vintage beverage tub

cowhide rug

Temperature Control

Depending on the season, you’ll want to invest in fans or heaters to help keep guests comfortable. Perfect for lounge areas, they will help guests escape the cold or heat, without compromising the look of your event. During the fall/winter seasons, we recommend our beautiful Stone Round Fire Pit or Umbrella- Style Heater. Come spring/summer, be sure to rent a selection of our fans.

boutique festival event rentals, outdoor round fire place and lounge rentals

boutique festival event rentals, umbrella style propane heater

If you’re in the process of planning a boutique festival or artisan fair in Middle Tennessee, we’d love to help you! Email our team to book your personal showroom tour at info@southerneventsonline.com to get started!

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