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2024 event design ideas and inspiration

Event planning brings a refreshing shift towards a less-is-more philosophy in 2024! Embracing the essence of minimalism, event designers are choosing quality over quantity. Focusing on elements that make a lasting impact without overwhelming the senses. And Southern Event Rentals is here to help you embrace the trend and champion the art of curated simplicity. Explore our range of in-stock rentals to discover how you can seamlessly incorporate the latest in 2024 event design trends into your upcoming celebrations.

Linens with Whimsy

Gone are the days of elaborate and cluttered centerpieces vying for attention. Instead, 2024 encourages a playful embrace of whimsical linens to set the stage for a vibrant event. Picture bright and wonderful prints that effortlessly contrast with simple serving ware. For example, our Labella Pink and Somerset Blue are subtle designs that give big Bridgerton vibes, perfect for an elegant spring soiree. Meanwhile, Blue Floral and Cerise Kensington is more punchy and perfect for summer! On the other hand, romantic runners allow simple wood furniture to shine and exude softness – we’re loving our Sahara Runners in Indigo, Sage, and Rust. These linens not only add a pop of personality but also eliminate the need for chaotic centerpieces and unnecessary filler, allowing guests room to breathe.

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Serving Ware that Elevates

Quality serving ware is a silent yet powerful player in the symphony of event design. It’s a tactile detail that can make or break the overall aesthetic of a table. Clean and simple is an easy choice, especially in contrast to busy printed linens. However, china adorned with timeless prints and subtle pops of color is equally striking and looks stunning atop a bold tablecloth. Likewise, our Cabo China comes in beautiful shades of Blue and Marigold, lending a chic coastal vibe. Meanwhile, Liana in a rich green is a modern twist on a vintage print. Textured chargers and colored glassware further enhance the visual appeal! Try the Rattan White Wash or Scalloped Wood Charger for added texture. Or allude to eras past with our pastel Amalia or Deco Glassware.

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Clutter-Free Bars 

Simplicity extends beyond aesthetics to the culinary domain. That is to say, steer away from the temptation to stock every conceivable beverage option. Instead, focus on creating a thoughtful menu featuring signature drinks presented in eye-catching glassware. Such as our contemporary Cybil or sleek Upton Glassware! Instead, for a hassle-free approach, consider batch cocktails or mocktails elegantly displayed in beverage dispensers. This will help streamline serving for a more seamless experience. Moreover if you choose a bar of the appropriate style and size. For example, our expansive Thompson White Bar Collection. Or perhaps the likes of our smaller Collins Black Wood Bar. To match a theme, check out the sophisticated Alice Bar or retro-inspired Chelsea Marble Top Bar.

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2024 event design bar ideas
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Home-Like Lounges

Hotel vibes are taking a backseat in 2024! With event designers prioritizing the creation of cozy spaces that mimic the warmth of home. Southern Event Rentals always encourages planners to prioritize functionality over aesthetics in lounge areas. Picture accent tables strategically placed for guests to comfortably rest their drinks, appetizers, and handbags. This deliberate design fosters an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Encouraging guests to connect and enjoy the event in a more personal setting. If you need inspiration, take a look at our curated collections, such as the Ellison Lounge. Or, mix and match to create a custom seating area featuring sofas (Sloan is a current fave). Along with armchairs and an ottoman or two. Top it off with a rug for a cohesive and refined look.

2024 Event Design reception ideas
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2024 Event Design lounge areas

A commitment to curated simplicity reflects a deeper understanding of the evolving preferences of event-goers. Ensuring that every gathering is a memorable experience! Contact our team today at info@southerneventsonline.com to book an appointment in our showroom. We’d be happy to help incorporate these 2024 event design ideas into your celebration!

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