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There’s a timeless allure to hosting your wedding day under the open skies! The beauty of the outdoors lends a timeless ambiance to any event. However, a traditional white wedding tent leaves many couples wondering how to elevate the space and infuse it with their own unique style. Breathe life into your spring soiree with these wedding tent ideas, transforming it into an unforgettable setting, with our extensive inventory of stylish event rentals.

Feature Furniture that Wows

The furniture you choose can go a long way in creating a sense of style and sophistication. At Southern Event Rentals, we offer a wide selection of stunning pieces that are sure to impress your guests. From beautiful wood banquet tables, including White Antique and Aged Oak options, to bold Raven Black Farm Tables, we have options to suit every taste. Pair these tables with classic Chiavari Chairs in gold for a subtle metallic shine, or opt for warm Cross-Back or Harlin Dining Chairs to complement wood tables. For those planning an all-white wedding, our White Chiavari Chairs or Antique White Bentwood Chairs are perfect choices. Alternatively, embrace the latest fad with Acrylic Ghost Arm Chairs or the ethereal Acrylic Carrigan Side Chair with its intricate back design.

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Add Dimension with Color & Texture

Injecting color and texture into your white wedding tent can truly elevate the space and create visual interest. Consider incorporating vibrant linens, in brilliant spring-inspired shades such as Coral Velvet, Heritage Light Blue, or Wisteria Satin. To create a sense of whimsy, check out our patterned event linens, including floral prints! Alternatively, infuse a sense of vintage charm with our colored glassware. For example, the beautiful Amalia Sage or Deco Peony Pink Tumbler. For a touch of luxury, opt for linens or chargers that will add texture and depth to your tabletop décor. Such as our dreamy Sahara Table Runners, in a rich Sage or Rose, or Rattan White Wash Chargers.

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Increase Social Space with Lounge Areas

Make the most of the beautiful outdoor setting by creating carefully designed social areas outside the tent. Set up a cocktail area complete with bistro tables and chairs where guests can mingle and enjoy the scenery. Our Palmer Bistro Table and Barstools are a sophisticated choice. Or, double your seating with the Loren Gold Bistro Table paired with Acrylic Ghost Barstools. Alternatively, create cozy lounge areas with comfortable seating where guests can relax and unwind. Choose from our curated Lounge Looks or create your own. Our Charlotte Sofa and Armchairs are an elegant choice. As is the bold Sloan Sofa, especially when paired with a vintage rug and accent tables. But why not incorporate both options to cater to different preferences and create a dynamic and inviting atmosphere?

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Level Up Entertainment with Staging

If you’re planning to have live entertainment, such as a band or DJ, staging is an excellent way to ensure they take center stage. At Southern Event Rentals, we can place staging beneath your tent, which you can then customize with greenery or floral decor to suit your theme. To create a breezy spring backdrop use White Sheer Pipe & Drape. Just don’t forget to include a dance floor where guests can let loose and celebrate into the night! Both our Black and White or Plank Wood Dance Floor are a timeless choice.

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Love these wedding tent ideas? With Southern Event Rentals, you can transform your wedding tent into a stylish space that reflects your unique vision and personality. From furniture that wows to vibrant linens and lounge areas, we have everything you need to create the wedding of your dreams under the Southern skies. Reach out today to secure your event rentals!

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