In Stock: Graduation Ceremony Rentals for Safe Celebrations

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Graduation is a momentous success and lots of people will want to witness the tradition of their loved one walking across the stage. And, as with any event of this scale, the safety of students, faculty, and their families is important. Today we’re sharing our in-stock graduation ceremony rentals that will make for a safer celebration.

Event Staging

Walking across the graduation stage to receive their diploma is a highly anticipated moment for most students. Our sturdy staging (available with and without carpet) includes all of the basics, such as steps and staircases with hand railing.

Want to take your graduation ceremony to the next level? Opt for our Harpeth stage facade and columns for a more polished look. They are customizable, allowing for different combinations and personalized insets – like your school colors or logo. Stage Skirting is another way to finish the look of your event stage, hiding cords and such below – now in stock in natural or black.

Event Flooring

Sometimes the best option is to host your graduation ceremony outdoors, perhaps under a tent. In which case, leveling the ground may be in order. To help, our DuraTrac flooring can easily be installed to create a level and sturdy floor throughout the entirety of your event space. It can be installed over grass, dirt, mud, and other uneven surfaces, to protect both your guests and your grass!

Graduation Chairs

Comfortable chairs are the bread and butter of a successful graduation ceremony. Before walking across the graduation stage, a solid portion of the day will be spent seated. Our classic folding chairs promise a put-together look and optimal comfort. Easy to load and transport, they are available in Fruitwood, White, and Black.

Fencing or Rope/Stanchion

Fencing is useful in a variety of ways, from restricting guest access to directing the flow of traffic. We offer beautiful white portable fencing creating organized entry and exit points at your event, as well as a border. Add rope and stanchion to your stage area keeping guests safe and giving the speaking staff or guests a designated space.

Lectern & Easels for Signage

You can’t overlook the importance of signage, whether it is for decoration or directions. We stock both black and gold aluminum easels, perfect for displaying your school logo, a program, or directions to different areas of the event. Carefully placed folding clips ensure that they will remain standing for the length of your event. Our lecterns may also be decorated with your school logo.

Needing graduation ceremony rentals? We’re here to help! Email our team to book your personal showroom tour at info@southerneventsonline.com to get started! Or if you are planning on hosting a personal celebration, check out our blog on in-stock graduation party rentals.

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