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Here at Southern, our distinct rentals help tie any space together, making things functional and highlighting your chosen design. Our rentals don’t just look great at our favorite Nashville venues. Our vast catalog of furniture is perfect for staging homes and apartments of all kinds. With dozens of items to choose from, there are so many beautiful ways to style and stage!


Area rugs help define a space, and can make a bold statement or fade into the background while providing a visual marker. Our cowhide rugs and area rugs are perfect for adding to a living room or dining room, warming up a space or defining where one part of the home ends and another begins.

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Bennett Couch

A dark leather couch cozies up any living room – we love it in a den, study, or office as well! The tufted details and metal accents are perfect for bringing out a homier side to a spacious living area. Need throw pillows to complete the look? Southern has those as well!

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Santorini Couch

Keep things lively, bright, and modern with elegant Santorini Couches and Loveseats. Especially helpful in smaller living spaces, these white sofas are perfect for adding a modern touch to a family room.

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Farm Tables

People love craftsman details, especially in their homes! Inspire them with a farm table – they’ll feel right at home with its high quality and

Rhapsody in Blue Chairs

We love a statement chair, especially in this season’s bright blue! Whether used as an accent chair or using the dining chairs around the table, the Rhapsody in Blue Chairs are a classic that help homebuyers picture themselves in your setting.

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Eiffel Chairs

Going for a more modern look to match your fixer-upper? Our Eiffel Chairs with their brown legs and unmistakable architecture are the perfect addition to a dining table, or next to a few curated reads in the study or living space.

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Cheval & Echo Side Tables

Side tables fill the space and bring a great opportunity to add a little personality to your staged home. Homebuyers will imagine themselves putting down a book, cup of tea, or the remote control on these! Fill them with thoughtful items so people can picture their future in the space, and make sure the side tables you choose are beautiful themselves! We love our Cheval and Echo Side Tables – distinct, chic, and functional.

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Phindy Studios

London Loveseat

A sophisticated piece that looks beautiful no matter the room, we love our London Loveseat as a gorgeous accent in a put together living room. Throw a cozy blanket over it and watch as it helps fill the space with the excitement of future buyers: a comfortable, distinct piece that won’t overpower the beauty of the home you’ve designed.

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Don’t forget to set the table or stack dishes atop open shelves and glass door cabinets! When staging a home, you’ll want to showcase all the ways homeowners can possibly use the beautiful spaces you’ve spent building. Highlight the counter where they could be making their morning coffee, or design a tablescape to showcase what big family gatherings could be like when hosted in the home.

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Lounge Packages

Not big on styling? Or simply don’t have enough time to put that much energy into staging your home? We’ve put together Lounge Packages to make styling our furniture and your home easy – with easy to decipher layouts and our expert designers, you can showcase your home without lifting a finger!

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more and reserve rentals for your Nashville and Franklin, TN homes. info@southerneventsonline.com.

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