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Get ready to sip, toast, and savor with our new glassware: the Hob Nob Collection and the Gatsby Champagne Coupe! The Hob Nob Collection features a vintage raised glass pattern in two styles: a water goblet (12 oz.) and a rocks/wine glass (9 oz.). The Gatsby Champagne Coupe (9.5 oz) is a 1920’s classic shape, perfect for sparkling wine or champagne service.

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The Hob Nob Collection: 

Hob Nob Glass Goblet, Glassware, Southern Events Party Rental Hob Nob Rocks Glass, Glassware, Southern Events Party RentalCJ's_TastingMenu2016_016-001 CJ's_TastingMenu2016_022 CJ's_TastingMenu2016_027

The Gatsby Champagne Coupe: 

Gatsby Champagne Coupe, Champagne Glass, Southern Events Rental Nashville

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