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neon light and boxwood wall photo backdrop

When you want to create a fun spot for wedding guests to ham for the camera or hope event attendees will share your gathering on social media you need a photo-worthy spot. Bonus points when your event photo backdrop also works as decor duty.  At Southern Events, we have both trendy and stylish props and decor for rent that will do both! Engage your event’s attendees with our instagrammable event photo backdrop rentals from Southern Events that will have them snapping and sharing photos.

Boxwood Walls

Treat your guests to the perfect photo op in front of our boxwood walls – making memories and making your event memorable! These trendy props are a great focal point for your event. Plus they’re so easy to personalize with specialty decor – like a neon sign or colorful balloon arch.

neon sign and boxwood wall photo backdrop

Photo by Kelsey Leigh Photography

birthday backdrop boxwood wall with balloons

Pipe & Drape

If you prefer a stylish but no-fuss backdrop, you’ll want to go with pipe and drape! They can be styled to your preference, and decorated to your liking. For example, hang florals streamers for a baby or bridal shower. Or get creative at a corporate event with branded signage. We currently offer drapes in black, white, ivory, and champagne. You can also skip the draping and use the pipe frame to hang a custom step and repeat.

black pipe and drape photo station

gold pipe and drape photo station

Fiona Mantle

Mantles are a stunning and meaningful prop! Traditionally the center of a home, it stands for love and life – making it perfect for a wedding. We also love it for an anniversary party, celebration of life or milestone birthday. Our freestanding ivory Fiona mantle is easy to decorate to complement the theme of your event. Feature fresh flowers, lanterns, geometric shapes, candles, or a combination of pieces.

floral decorated mantle for photo backdrop

Photo by Readylight Media

Want to feature one of these trendy event photo backdrops at your upcoming event? Contact our team today for help recreating one of these looks for your Tennessee wedding, social, or corporate event. 

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