The Complete Guide to Wedding Table Rentals for Your Nashville Nuptials

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Your wedding table is more than just a place for your guests to sit and dine – it’s a canvas where your style and vision come to life. At Southern Events Party Rental Company, we understand the importance of crafting a memorable event table that aligns perfectly with your theme. From exquisite linens to elegant china, explore our distinct wedding table rentals will help you create a stunning reception for your Nashville nuptials.

Wedding Table Linens

Setting the stage for your wedding begins with the perfect linens. The right fabric, color, and length can transform your table and set the tone for the entire event. We offer a diverse range of linens, including polyester, satin, and velvet. Polyester is durable and versatile, making it suitable for any occasion. Satin adds a touch of elegance with its smooth, glossy finish. Meanwhile, velvet offers a luxurious and rich feel, perfect for a sophisticated look.

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In addition to full tablecloths, consider using table runners for an added layer of style. Coastal-inspired linens, romantic silks, and other specialty fabrics can enhance your chosen theme. When it comes to lengths, a modern aesthetic can be achieved with linens that cut off right at the floor, providing a clean edge. Alternatively, for a dreamy, elegant look, you might prefer runners or tablecloths that gracefully fall onto the floor.

China & Chargers

The china and chargers you choose will be the stars of your table. These items take up the most space and are key indicators of your event’s style or theme. At Southern Events, we offer a stunning selection to suit any vision. Our patterned china features whimsical florals and vibrant color waves, perfect for adding a touch of personality and charm to your table setting. For those seeking a more classic look, we offer timeless neutrals such as crisp white and matte black.

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Looking for a simple way to create a luxe layered look? Feature a contrasting charger. Consider options like white-washed rattan for a rustic touch or shimmering gold for a luxurious feel. Once you’ve chosen your china and charger, complete the stack with coordinating bread, salad, or dessert plates to add depth and dimension to your table.

Glassware Rentals

Choosing the right glassware depends largely on your beverage service or menu. While a water goblet is essential, additional glassware can enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your table. A water goblet is versatile and can be used for any drink, from water to lemonade.

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For special moments such as toasts and wine service, champagne flutes and wine glasses are perfect additions. If you plan to offer signature beverages like beers or cocktails, consider specialty glassware. While not necessary, having multiple glassware offerings can add a luxurious aesthetic to your event table. Glassware can also be used to add a splash of color or an eclectic edge to your design, making your table truly unique.

Wedding Flatware

Unless your menu is entirely finger foods, you’ll need flatware. The type and quantity will depend on your service style and menu. Start with the basics: knives and forks, for both bread and steak. These are essential whether you are planning a buffet or catered dinner. For a multiple-course meal, you will also need salad forks, in addition to a dessert fork or spoon for your dessert service. If you’re offering coffee service, consider adding a coffee cup, saucer, and an additional spoon.

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We offer a variety of flatware styles, from vintage to modern, in various on-trend metallics and sheens. While small, flatware can make a significant visual impact on your tablescape, contributing to the overall aesthetic and theme of your event.

Crafting Your Perfect Wedding Table

With Southern Events Party Rental Company, you can create a wedding table that truly reflects your vision and style. From the foundational linens to the finishing touches of flatware, our wedding table rentals ensure every detail is perfect. Ready to design your dream table? Contact us today to start planning or book an appointment at our showroom! Looking for more inspiration – check out this elegant spring wedding at The Towhee Club.

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