In Stock: Graduation Ceremony Rentals for Safe Celebrations

Graduation ceremonies look a little different this year, but that doesn’t make this milestone any less important! View our in-stock graduation ceremony rentals that will make for a safer, yet memorable, celebration.


vintage drink tub

Southern Style: Must-Have Rentals for Small Gatherings

Get inspired by some of our must-have rentals for small gatherings, perfect for hosting intimate parties or backyard celebrations in the greater Nashville area.



Southern Style: Pastel Summer Event Inspiration

Come warmer weather in Tennessee, there is nothing more enjoyable than surrounding yourself with friends and family outdoors. You need to create a bright and memorable setup that complements the season. Today we’re sharing pastel summer event inspiration for your upcoming summer or spring Nashville celebrations, featuring our stylish in-stock rentals.


Rouge Round Lacquer Charger

In Stock: Unique Chargers for Tablescapes

A stylish tablescape is a memorable element at any event, corporate or social. For many, the first addition is a charger plate, a large decorative base upon which other dinnerware is placed. These pieces serve as an effective yet simple way to spruce up any tablescape, by complementing or contrasting your other serving ware, decor, or color palette. Take a look at our selection of unique chargers, now in-stock and available to rent!



Southern Style: Inspiring Easter Tablescapes

With winter behind us, Tennesse comes to life with wildflower fields, lush green spaces and springtime celebrations! To help you celebrate this time of year, Southern offers a stylish selection of rentals for a bright Easter tablescape. To help you create a modern table that will ‘wow’ your guests, we’ve put together a collection of holiday boxes featuring stylish place settings.



On Trend: Backyard Alfresco Dining

When the weather is nice, why not enjoy dinner with your family and friends in the great outdoors? Come spring and summer in Tennessee, there is nothing better than dining in the fresh air, with a cold cocktail in hand. Get inspired for backyard al fresco dining with our stylish in-stock serving ware rentals.

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