light blue rug beneath modular lounge

On Trend: Corporate Wellness Rooms

In a post-pandemic world, the health and happiness of employees is a priority for many companies and business owners. Learn how you can create corporate wellness rooms to help maintain a positive and motivated attendees at your upcoming conference, convention or corporate summit.


regal gold table

In Stock: Regal Inspired Rentals for Elegant Tablescapes

If there is one type of event design that will never go out of style, it’s regal inspired celebrations. Starring luxurious metals, intricate patterns, and opulent colors, this style is a surefire way to achieve a memorable yet timeless event. It’s a gorgeous option for a wide variety of gatherings, including corporate events, such as galas and fundraisers, as well as weddings and personal parties. Get inspired by our regal inspired rentals, perfect for hosting a memorable cocktail hour or seated reception.


unicorn birthday party

In Stock: 1st Birthday Party Rentals

Southern Events Party Rental Company has adorable child-sized rentals to help you achieve a first birthday party that delivers those sought-after photo-ops from every corner. From children’s tables and chairs, cake stands, and beverage tubs – there are plenty of ways to design an event that will have kids delighted and adults impressed. Keep reading to learn about our on-trend 1st birthday party rentals, from furniture to serving ware and more!


organic spring wedding

Southern Style: Organic Spring Wedding Inspiration

When the springtime rolls around, so too does bright and airy wedding design! Perfect for the season, this style is clean and romantic featuring chic colors and luxurious details. To help you host a memorable warm weather celebration in Tennessee, we’re sharing some organic spring wedding inspiration featuring our on-trend rentals.


satin linens

In Stock: Cottagecore Inspired Event Rentals

It should be no surprise that with the popularity of the show Bridgerton we’re seeing an uptick in Cottagecore event design. Romantic and regent, this style is a throwback to simpler times and elevated design. Meaning luxe textiles, rich colors, and dainty details that would impress members of high society. To help you host a party that feels like a timeless period drama, take a look at our Cottagecore inspired event rentals.


Event Design Incorporating Pantone's Color of Year

On Trend: Event Design Incorporating Pantone’s Color of Year

If you love event design that is creative and confident, then you’ll fall head over heels for the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year, Very Peri! A soft blue with violet-red undertones, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is described to have a “spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence”. And for a year where event trends include vintage-inspiration and luxe details, what color could be better? To help you plan an a memorable and photo-worthy event, get inspired by event design incorporating Pantone’s color of the year.

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