colorful nashville wedding event rentals

Fresh, Fun and Colorful Nashville Wedding at The Cordelle

Hosted at The Cordelle, Tess and Tyler’s big day was a dream! The charming historic venue was a stunning backdrop that perfectly contrasted their choice of colorful Nashville wedding starring vibrant florals and elegant rentals.


patterned event linens

Unique Patterned Event Linens to Elevate Your Next Party Tablescape

When it comes to hosting an event, whether it’s a wedding, at-home baby shower, or backyard dinner party, attention to detail is key. Every element, from the décor to the table settings, plays a crucial role in creating the desired ambiance. And when it comes to table linens, opting for patterns can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your event.


convention event lounge furniture

Unique Sofa Rentals to Elevate At-Home Parties

As we continue to celebrate life’s milestones in the comfort of our own homes, the desire to create inviting and cozy atmospheres has increased. That’s where Southern Events Rentals steps in! Offering an array of exquisite sofa rentals and lounge packages that can effortlessly elevate your casual at-home celebrations.


wedding ceremony rentals

Unique Wedding Ceremony Rentals for Your Big Day

Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or desire something out of the box, Southern Events Rentals has a variety of stylish wedding ceremony rentals to choose from. From modern event chairs to vintage rugs and whiskey barrels, our selection gives you the creative freedom to design the day you’ve always dreamed about.


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How to Choose the Right Tables and Chairs for Your Event

Organizing an event requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. One crucial aspect that can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and comfort of your gathering is the choice of tables and chairs for your event. At Southern Events Online, we understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that aligns with your style or theme.


2024 event design ideas and inspiration

2024 Event Design Trends | Quality Over Quantity

Event planning brings a refreshing shift towards a less-is-more philosophy in 2024! Embracing the essence of minimalism, event designers are choosing quality over quantity. Focusing on elements that make a lasting impact without overwhelming the senses.

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