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Cozy home holiday parties are a wonderful and intimate way to share your love with family and friends. But who says you have to handle everything on your own? Don’t bother stocking up on serviceware or specialty items for this one event. Southern Events has all the party rentals you need for your next Nashville celebration – we’ll help make your season bright and your gathering memorable.


You have 12 wine glasses but 24 guests… don’t let that stop you! Southern Events has wine glasses, champagne flutes, and even Irish coffee mugs for all the cocktails or beverages you choose to serve. Whatever specialty drinks you whip up for your Nashville gathering, we have the glassware for it.


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White Plates

If you don’t have enough plates at home for the number of guests you’re hosting, don’t fret! Southern Events’ has all you need, with a range of china including our Round White China & Darcy China. Nothing like a neutral plate to match your home’s unique decor!

Pewter Serviceware and Chafing Dishes

Holiday buffets are easiest as a host, and allow people to customize their plates. Plus, with all the delicious seasonal options your guests will likely come back for seconds. Southern’s Pewter Serviceware and Chafing & Serving Dishes keep things simple while still looking classic and timeless. Useful while still matching perfectly with your home and event’s theme? Perfection!

Davidson Beverage Jars

Infused water is just another way to wow your guests. One of our Davidson Beverage Jars makes a beverage station easy, whether it be an infused water or another delicious cocktail. Whether you’re having a bevy of beverages or just one, display it beautifully.

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Cocktail Tables

All your guests will want to mix and mingle, and what better way to do so than around tall cocktail tables? Rather than worrying about seating for everyone, you’ll be easily providing your guests with a place to put their drinks while they get to enjoy a pleasant conversation. Southern Events offers a variety of styles from a classic table with linen to our Remington Gunmetal Bistro Table, Jackson Bistro Table or Farm Bistro table. As a bonus, these are small and easy to move, making them perfect for adding extra space and reconfiguring your layout to best suit your home!

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Ready to rent your party essentials to host the soiree of the season? We’ve got whatever you need for all your Nashville, Franklin, and Middle Tennessee holiday parties! Contact our team at info@southerneventsonline.com for more information!

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