In Stock: Emergency Services Rentals

In order to continue offering our services in a way that is most beneficial to our community, we are prioritizing the needs of local governments and businesses by offering emergency services rentals for testing centers, temporary triage, storage, drive-thru and pick-up locations, and emergency shelters.



In Stock: Area Rugs for Events & Weddings

Area rugs for events are a beautiful decoration that can assist in creating a space that is both functional and stylish. A frequently overlooked element of wedding or event venues is the floor. You go to major lengths to decorate and furnish the space in a way that aligns with your…



Southern Love: Emerald & Gold Event Design at the Rutherford Society Gala

Emerald and gold are a match made in heaven, an ideal pair for an upscale corporate event or wedding. A mix of deep and vibrant greens, white furniture, and golden accents, made for a luxurious ambiance at the Rutherford Society Gala.



In Stock: Event Staging

Whether it’s a live band at a wedding or a speaker at a corporate event, Southern Events has tons of in stock event staging rentals for a custom look. From staging to dance floor to backstage offerings, we’ve got you covered!



Southern Style | Sunset Inspired Event Colors & Design

Take a cue from nature for your event decor with these sunset shades that wrap your wedding or event in warm nostalgia. See more sunset-inspired event rentals and event inspiration from Southern Events Party Rental Company.



In Stock: Velvet Party Rentals

The 90s are still enjoying a comeback and that means so is velvet. With tons of velvet party rentals, you can go all out with furniture or stay chill with velvet linens. Tons of in-stock rentals mean that you can be selective with your party vibe and pick what works for you!

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